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There's profit in your socket

There's profit in your socket

Every industry has to deal with price erosion, increased costs, or both, at one time or another. If you can’t find a way to sell your product or service for more than it costs you to provide it, your business will likely fail.

Smart companies in this situation cut waste and come out leaner and stronger because of it. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to find enough places to cut without going through the painful (and damaging) process of reducing product quality or letting go of essential staff. Despite clasping hands and gazing to the sky for guidance, one place business leaders often fail to look is right there in the ceiling. On average, lighting accounts for nearly 40 percent of a Canadian business’s electricity use. (Source: SaskPower).

Taking a chunk out of fixed costs is challenging, but energy savings on lighting are there to be had and most provincial utilities have programs that can make the initial investment extremely low, even free.

No-brainer ROI and payback

As equipment upgrades go, investing in a lighting retrofit to switch to LED or another suitable technology, such as high efficiency fluorescents, is about as painless as it gets. It's also a win-win when you can save money while offering a better product or service. Improved lighting can lead to increased productivity in offices, warehouses and industrial applications. It also improves the appearance of products and the rooms they are in; a critical element for the survival of retail and hospitality businesses. Thankfully, advanced lighting options also come with lower energy bills. The new lighting options positively affect product and service quality, while also shaving dollars off expenses.

If those reasons aren’t enough to make you pick up the phone and make the switch, payback times are also getting shorter and, thanks to government incentives, some are achieved in under a year.

More profit on every sale

Decreasing fixed costs for businesses means more profit on every sale. Energy efficient lighting is a great way to lower costs. And it can be done most effectively with a knowledgeable lighting distributor who has access to the broadest range of lighting products and dedicated people who will ensure your needs are met.

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